Klarna, the global payments network, is set to engage sports fans with a new in-app game called ‘Scream For Your Team.’ Running from July to August in conjunction with the major women’s soccer tournament, the game will reward fans for their loud cheers and screams during matches. Participants can win Nike gift cards worth up to $500 in weekly draws if they successfully score three goals by screaming at the indicated volume.

To support women’s soccer further, Klarna has teamed up with Angel City FC to offer free swag at upcoming watch parties. The first party will be held on July 26 during the USA vs. Netherlands match at The Music Center, with more events scheduled throughout the tournament. Klarna plans to reward the first 500 fans at each party who pose in front of the Klarna backdrop and share their experience on Instagram Stories, tagging Klarna.

According to a recent survey by Klarna, nearly half of respondents believe that cheering for their women’s soccer team can inspire young women and girls to pursue their athletic dreams. Additionally, fans think that vocal support for women’s soccer helps increase visibility and awareness of the sport, fosters camaraderie among fans, and provides inspiration and motivation. Studies have also shown that cheering for a winning team positively affects fans’ self-esteem and may extend life expectancy.

Furthermore, the Klarna research revealed that:

Sixty-one percent of respondents noted feeling a sense of pride when their team wins, while 40% feel overjoyed and 35% feel ecstatic. 

Over half (53%) noted that they’ve become a fan of women’s soccer through major tournaments or events like the Women’s World Cup. 

Notably, over half (53%) of respondents noted their attitudes towards women’s soccer have changed over the past few years. 

Of that group, 40% stated that the change was driven due to increased media coverage and exposure, while 36% stated that the sport has become increasingly competitive and reached a higher level of performance over the past few years.  

Watching women’s soccer is a family activity, with 60% of respondents saying that they watch games regularly with their family. However, the ability to attend live games in stadiums is still a barrier for 1 in 2 fans (50%) stating that there are no stadiums near their home city. However, almost 30% of respondents noted they are most likely to cheer or scream for their team when attending a game in person. 

When it comes to which generation is planning to spend the most time watching the Women’s World Cup this summer, Millennials are the biggest fans (61%), followed by Gen Z (54%) and Gen X (48%). 

Klarna’s ‘Scream for your team’ is just one of the initiatives launched by the company to promote women’s soccer in the U.S. and globally. As a founding partner of the National Women’s Soccer League team Angel City FC, Klarna has been actively involved in various projects. This includes collaborating on limited-edition merch collections with brands like re-inc and Suay Sew Shop and contributing to local Los Angeles philanthropies alongside ACFC.

Josh van Sant, Klarna’s Head of Global Consumer Communications, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting women’s soccer fans worldwide. With the game, Klarna aims to reward fans for their unwavering support and offer them a unique way to engage with the sport during the summer’s major women’s soccer tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

The ‘Scream For Your Team’ game can be accessed through the Klarna app’s ‘You’ tab, available for free download on Apple and Android devices. For more information on watch party schedules, interested fans can visit angelcity.com/summer23.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Klarna Supports Women’s Soccer with New World Cup Activation first appeared on The Source.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Klarna Supports Women’s Soccer with New World Cup Activation appeared first on The Source.

July 20, 2023

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