The NBA has officially unveiled its brand campaign for the 2023-24 season tip-off, aptly titled “Everyone’s Game.” The campaign is now available for streaming across all NBA social platforms and the NBA App. To kick off the season with a bang, the campaign features an impressive lineup of NBA talents, including reigning Kia NBA MVP Joel Embiid and four-time NBA All-Star Jayson Tatum. Defending NBA Champions Jamal Murray and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Bradley Beal, De’Aaron Fox, and Zach LaVine also make star appearances as they gear up to lead their teams to victory.

In “Everyone’s Game,” each player showcases their unwavering commitment to the new season, emphasizing their dedication to working harder, moving faster, and jumping higher. The campaign poses a simple yet powerful question to their doubters, “How You Like Me Now?” This question also serves as the campaign’s captivating soundtrack.

The star-studded campaign even includes cameos from basketball champions Sue Bird and Alex Morgan, further accentuating the championship mindset of the players. “Everyone’s Game” celebrates the NBA’s intense competition, symbolizing the sport’s ability to unite people worldwide, with the campaign spanning over 215 countries and territories. With star-studded rosters and the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy up for grabs, the NBA’s 2023-24 season promises to be a must-see spectacle.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: NBA Launches 2023-24 Season Tip-Off Campaign ‘Everyone’s Game’ first appeared on The Source.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: NBA Launches 2023-24 Season Tip-Off Campaign ‘Everyone’s Game’ appeared first on The Source.

October 9, 2023

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