Reebok, the iconic sports and culture brand, is thrilled to announce a long-term partnership with Justin Fields, the electrifying American Football star. This exciting collaboration marks the official start of Reebok’s long-term strategy to reestablish its presence in team sports, with plans for expanding its roster of athletes, increasing engagement in sports culture, and introducing innovative performance footwear and apparel designed for the field, court, and more.

At just 24 years old, Justin Fields has already made a significant impact on American Football. With his remarkable speed and boundless energy, he’s shattered league records, including those for single-game rushing by a quarterback, revolutionizing the quarterback position.


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“Reebok holds an incredible legacy in the sports world that has always inspired me,” says Justin Fields. “Not only have they launched iconic offerings with legends like Allen Iverson and Shaq that shaped sports culture in the ‘90’s, but they alsohave the attitude and energy to reshape the future of Sport once again. I’m excited to join Reebok and help kick-off this next great chapter.”

“As a brand with such a unique and rich heritage in sports, we’re thrilled to be returning to our roots, and embark upon a long-term strategy that will have us reclaim our rightful place in the sports world once again,” said Todd Krinsky, Reebok CEO. “Justin’s authenticity, high energy and risk-taking mentality as a natural leader on and off the field immediately stood out to us. He exemplifies who we are and how Reebok will show up in Sport culture in the years to come – bold and unapologetic. We’re thrilled to welcome Justin to the Reebok family as we shepherd in a new era.”

Together, Reebok and Fields are committed to supporting their communities and giving back. Reebok recently joined the Justin Fields Youth Camp, enriching the summer break experiences of Greater Chicago area children with fitness and fun. Alongside apparel donations, Reebok has pledged to contribute to the camp’s growth and continuity. Fields will also collaborate with Reebok to further develop its Human Rights Now! platform to promote human rights and movement for all.

In the upcoming season, Fields will be featured in a range of digital and social creative content showcasing the partnership’s energy and diversity, spanning from fitness to lifestyle. Reebok’s SS24 collection will spotlight Field’s exceptional running skills and on-field speed, with the football phenom fronting the highly anticipated FloatZig 1 running shoe release.

To explore Fields’ favorite Reebok selections, including iconic archive-inspired apparel and the Nano X3 Training Shoes, visit and be part of this exciting partnership.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Reebok and Justin Fields Announce Exciting Long-Term Partnership first appeared on The Source.

The post SOURCE SPORTS: Reebok and Justin Fields Announce Exciting Long-Term Partnership appeared first on The Source.

September 8, 2023

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