Former president Donald Trump is no longer one of the richest people, according to Forbes. The top 400 list has dropped, and that list dropped him.

Trump was removed once in 2021 but returned in 2022 at the 343rd slot on the list. He was carrying a net worth of $3.2 billion. Now he once again finds himself on the outside, as his net worth is projected to be just $2.6 billion. Forbes notes that the loss of worth is due to a poor investment in Truth Social, his Twitter alternative, and the depreciation of some of his real estate assets. Trump is believed to have $426 million in liquid assets.

In other news, expensive food won’t hurt the former commander-in-chief because Donald Trump truly loves his fast food. The former president was in court facing a $250 million civil suit for fraud and had a massive McDonald’s order delivered to court.

TMZ notes Trump had a couple members of his security team bring in a hoard of McDonald’s for lunch.

Trump was present in court on Monday with his legal team Clifford Robert, Alina Habba, and Christopher Kise. Likely the crew who were in for the meal.

Trump has been known for his fast food choices, even during his presidency when he hosted the Clemson Tigers National Championship team and Baylor Lady Bears for Big Macs at the White House.

WATCH: Donald Trump seen ordering mountains of McDonald’s during court lunch break

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) October 2, 2023

You can learn more about Trump’s crumbling empire here.

The post Trump Falls Out of Forbes Top 400 Richest Americans List first appeared on The Source.

The post Trump Falls Out of Forbes Top 400 Richest Americans List appeared first on The Source.

October 5, 2023

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