Jim Jones has fired back at Pusha T after his diss. Jones bypassed the glamorous backdrop of Paris for the block of Harlem, dropping a response to King Push over a hanging mic outside a bodega.

In a response called “Summer Collection,” a From the Block performance, Jones slings jabs at Pusha, including saying he is a fake JAY-Z, saying his diss was trash, joking about his fashion, and alluding that Pusha’s brother, No Malice, used crack.

If you are catching up on how this started, Jim Jones had feelings about Pusha T’s career earlier this year, and as expected, King Push had some words back. Pusha T and his brother No Malice joined their friend Pharrell Williams’ Louis Vuitton menswear fashion show.

As the duo strolled, a new Clipse record played, the first in 13 years, and Pusha had some bars that fans believe to be a response to Jim.

“Beware of my name, that there’s delegate
You know I know where you’re delicate
Crush you to pieces, I’ll hum a breath of it
I will close your heaven for the hell of it”

And another set of more pointed bars:

“You’d think there’d be honor amongst veterans
I am watching your fame escape relevance
We’re all in the room, but here’s the elephant
You’re chasing a feature out of your element”

The chasing feature bar could be a hint toward Jones’ relationship with Drake.

A new Clipse song w/ Push possibly goin at Jim Jones has surfaced.

You’d think there’d be honor amongst veterans/
I am watching your fame escape relevance/
We’re all in the room, but here’s the elephant/
You’re chasing a feature out of your element.pic.twitter.com/fD0yYi81w6

— Ruben || Check the Rhyme (@checktherhyme1_) June 20, 2023

If you are wondering what started all of this, Jim Jones has been critical of Pusha T’s placement on Billboard’s Top 50 Rappers of all-time list. In short, Jim Jones wondered what made Pusha worthy of a ranking and also challenged his importance to HIp-Hop culture. Moments of this are captured by HipHopDX and also his return to The Breakfast Club.

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June 26, 2023

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