Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. has released the police bodycam footage of the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis to the public following his arrest earlier this week.

After recently being pegged as the primary suspect in a 27-year unsolved murder case, the 60-year-old Davis was shown on video being approached by police officers, who informed him of his arrest. Davis was taken into custody without incident. Keefe D even speaks with some of the arresting officers and acknowledges his involvement in “biggest case in Las Vegas history”, referring to the murder of the pop culture icon on the Las Vegas strip in 1996.

Because of his numerous interviews admitting to being directly involved in Shakur’s murder, Davis has been charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon and a gang enhancement 27 years after the actual shooting occurred.

The post [WATCH] Keefe D Arrest Video Released By Las Vegas PD first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Keefe D Arrest Video Released By Las Vegas PD appeared first on The Source.

October 6, 2023

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