Last night, Lil Tay popped back up on her Instagram Live and addressed the rumors surrounding her recent death hoax. The Canadian social media influencer hasn’t posted any photos of herself on social media since she hit the spotlight back in 2018. On Aug. 9, a false statement about Tay’s death was shared on her Instagram account. After the news went viral, Tay and her brother later came out and confirmed they were still alive, with Tay saying her IG was “compromised by a 3rd party and used to spread jarring misinformation and rumors regarding me.”

During her Instagram Live session, which can be seen below, Tay cleared the air about her fake death, saying that the misinformation was created so that her father, Christopher Hope, and manager could advertise a new form of currency.

“Chris Hope was the one who did the death hoax,” Lil Tay said. “Meanwhile, he was working with this other con artist that was claiming to be my manager and they had a crypto coin together. Their plan was to fake my death and then promote the crypto coin. Which, by the way, the manager admitted to. He said he’d been working on the crypto coin for months. These people are frauds.”

Lil Tay also went on her YouTube channel and uploaded the official music video for her song “Sucker 4 Green.” In the video, Tay is all grown up as she sits on the side of a pool, standing next to a luxurious car and fancy house. Tay is also seen with her mother and brother in the video,

On Sept. 27, the viral rapper was finally spotted at Los Angeles International Airport dispelling rumors of her death. She was completely covered by a mask, sunglasses and a hoodie.

Watch Lil Tay speak about her death hoax below.

The post [WATCH] Lil Tay Finally Shows Her Face After Years And Addresses Death Hoax first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Lil Tay Finally Shows Her Face After Years And Addresses Death Hoax appeared first on The Source.

October 1, 2023

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