Growing up in Harlem NYC back in the 90’s, it was a common thing for young men to ‘holler’ at a girl passing by in the street. Many times if that girl didn’t respond or ‘thought she was cute’ one of the guys would throw a bottle in her direction and everyone would laugh. I was always in the streets, so seeing this behavior became oddly normal to me. As a defense mechanism, I became tough. Some would say a ‘scrapper’ and my answer to dealing with this aggressiveness daily in Harlem was to become just as tough as the men were. That was until I filled out and puberty began to take over and men began to approach me too. I’ve had bottles thrown at me, fought men off to protect my own vagina and sadly, much much more. 

This weekend, a Houston woman released a video saying she was hit in the face with a brick after a man asked for her number and she told him no. The details of the incident are limited but in the video, the woman has a huge knot covering half of her face, which she said was caused by being hit with a brick.

She said that a guy approached her, asked for her number, she told him “no”, and then he picked up a brick. The woman said that a group of black men stood by and did nothing as she was struck by an unidentified man who sped off in a car. When she angrily approached the group of men asking why they did nothing while she was assaulted, one responded—“What are we supposed to do?”

This was triggering for many black women in the comments on social media because this is a far too common thing. Women feeling scared and giving out fake numbers to appease a man who could possibly turn violent. The truth is we are alone in this battle. Many people will make excuses for our feelings while the proof is painfully honest. We are forced to be ‘strong black women’ in spite of what happens to us, what is put on us and what we have to endure. I pray this woman finds justice and this man is brought to the light.

To all the black women out there that suffer through countless attacks daily and are forced to be strong, I see you and I respect you. May we all get the royal treatment we truly deserve.

Watch the horrific videos below.


Mahn this is so pathetic. Able-bodied men standing around watching a woman get hit in the face with a BRICK and asking what they shoulda done. Niggas can swim across a lake to join a dock brawl when it’s time to defend a man but get scared when a woman is at the receiving end of…

— Dream Girl (@its_daqueen) September 4, 2023

This is why I’ll always give my number out in public , regardless if I have a man or not because you never know how a man will react when he gets rejected . This is so sad and she didn’t deserve this at all!!!!! It’s scary out here . Women should not have to do this to protect…

— It’s SEXY (@freauxmama) September 3, 2023

The post [WATCH] The Unjust Assault On Our Women: When Will It Stop? first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] The Unjust Assault On Our Women: When Will It Stop? appeared first on The Source.

September 4, 2023

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