Wayne Brady is opening up about his sexuality, revealing to PEOPLE that he is pansexual. The definition of pansexual is attracted to a person regardless of their sex or gender.

Brady would expand on the announcement, “Bisexual — with an open mind!”

Brady first came out to his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, who stated she knew Brady coming out would make him happier. His 20-year-old daughter, Maile, stated she remembered “breaking into a big, proud smile.”

The announcement comes ahead of next year’s reality series about Brady’s blended family, which includes Taketa’s current partner Jason Fordham.

You can read Brady’s story in his own words here.

Wayne Brady Comes Out as Pansexual: ‘I’m Doing This for Me’ (Exclusive) https://t.co/PQIMt1moA2

— People (@people) August 7, 2023

The post Wayne Brady Announces He is Pansexual first appeared on The Source.

The post Wayne Brady Announces He is Pansexual appeared first on The Source.

August 8, 2023

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