Rapper Wiz Khalifa has been going through it lately. He recently posted video of him recovering from a serious pelvic injury and he is currently on tour with rapper Snoop Dogg for the North American High School Reunion Tour. Last night Wiz tweeted that there was a robbery at his home while he was on stage performing.

Luckily for Wiz his security stopped what could have been a scary/fatal home invasion…

TMZ reports:

LAPD tells TMZ Hip Hop … 3 guys tried to get onto the property through a side gate around 6:38 PM — just as Wiz was in Michigan burning through live renditions of his classic songs for the High School Reunion Tour.

We’re told Wiz’s security at the house sprung into action, running out to the gate … where the 3 stooges spotted them and immediately turned to flee.

LAPD responded to the alarm, but the suspects had bolted by the time officers arrived. They filed an attempted burglary report, and opened the investigation.

Meanwhile, Wiz caught wind of the caper while at his concert venue, and noted the timing … pointing out he was actually on stage while it was going down.

3 niggas wit Pooh shiesty masks tried to run in my crib while i was on stage.

— Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa) July 24, 2023

The post Wiz Khalifa’s Security Stops Home Invasion While He’s On Tour first appeared on The Source.

The post Wiz Khalifa’s Security Stops Home Invasion While He’s On Tour appeared first on The Source.

July 26, 2023

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