Culture Creators, a leading organization dedicated to honoring and uplifting influential figures in the entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce that MC Lyte will be honored as an additional ICON at this Saturday’s Innovators & Leaders Awards brunch. This momentous occasion marks the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and the 7th year of the esteemed awards ceremony.
MC Lyte, a trailblazing pioneer in the world of Hip Hop, has made an indelible impact on the industry through her lyrical prowess, empowering messages, and relentless dedication to uplifting Black culture. As the first solo female rapper to release a full-length album, she broke barriers and paved the way for countless artists to follow. MC Lyte’s lyrical dexterity and unmistakable voice have resonated with fans around the globe, solidifying her as a legendary figure in the genre.

The ICON honor recognizes MC Lyte’s exceptional contributions as a woman in Hip-Hop, celebrating her influence, innovation, and enduring legacy. Through her artistry and activism, she has inspired generations of artists, proving that the power of music can transcend boundaries and create lasting change. 

Award-winning on-air talent, entertainment journalist, content creator, and podcaster Gia Peppers will be hosting this year’s awards brunch.

The awards brunch, an annual event organized by Culture Creators, will bring together industry tastemakers, creatives, and influencers to commemorate the rich heritage of Hip Hop and honor its influential figures. With the 50th anniversary of the genre as a backdrop, this year’s Brunch promises to be an unforgettable celebration of the culture’s enduring impact and ever-evolving influence on global entertainment.

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June 22, 2023

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