After it was reported that incarcerated podcaster Taxstone was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the deadly shooting in Irving Plaza in 2016, the 37-year-old podcast pioneer took to social media to let his supporters and followers that his legal fight isn’t over yet.

It was reported earlier this week that Daryl Campbell aka Taxstone was sentenced to 35 years behind bars after being convicted of the 2016 shooting death of Ronald McPhatter, who was a friend and bodyguard of rapper Troy Ave. The pioneering podcaster took to Twitter to speak in his sentence, which he anticipates he will win on appeal.

Taxstone’s tweet read, “Just got 35 years for being victimized and reversing the situation. The beauty in it all is, I’m not doing 35. Be safe though.” He later added, “Don’t worry my appeal will be swift.” 

He later added, “Don’t worry my appeal will be swift.” 

Taxstone then asked, “How can you testify in open court that you and your friend decided to beat me up then beat me up and I protected myself and u claim self defense ???”

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June 22, 2023

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